Transporting & Freighting Peafowl

within Australia


Transporting Locally:

If your Buying or Selling Peafowl locally then we strongly recommend using a PP40 Pet Pack with 3inch foam glued to the roof, as this limits the head room and prevent direct contact with the roof. If this is not available then you can use a very sturdy cardboard box (Packing/Removal boxes are excellent) remember to heavily tap up BOTH ends using Packing tap and don’t forget ventilation hole (not in the bottom) and not holes big enough for them to put there heads out, remember the darker it is the calmer they will be. You must be aware of the outside temperature, and then add a few degrees inside the box so if it is a warm or sunny day please use your air conditioning and never leave them in the car for any extended period.

 The don’ts for transporting locally:

Do not leave them in a hot car.

Do not transport them in a bag/sack.

Do not use a wire cage of any description, not even one covered.

Do not tie their legs together.

Do not overcrowd in the box.

Do not put water in the box.

Do not bang or tap the box.

Freighting Peafowl:

Peafowl can and are freighted thought Australia using commercial air freight, such as Qantas, Virgin Blue.

What are they Freighted in:

We use PP40 Pet Packs which are the only air freight approved. These are Plastic dog transport cages (pet tainers) these can be purchased from Vets, Produce stores, and some chain stores like “Big W” for approx $70.00 (medium) $130.00 (large) our customers can use ours with a deposit held until returned. Our PP20 & PP40 are modified with 3 inch foam glued to the roof. (this is not std)


Tips for Freighting:

If you are freighting Peafowl or any bird they must be at the airport

90 minutes prior to scheduled departure.

Do not put food or water in the box.

Do not put vegetation in the box.

Plastic dog transport cage (pet tainer) must have a  zip tie on the door and cover the wire door with a chux or similar, this will help keep them calm & quite.



Regardless weather you are transporting locally or Freighting interstate if the birds arrive in the afternoon DO NOT let them out into your pen or cage, leave them overnight and release them at FIRST light. When Transporting or freighting any birds you should ALWAYS treat them with the up most respect as you can only imagine what they are going through.


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Article written August 2005