Indo Chinese Green Peafowl

                               (Muticus Imperator)


For several years now, there has been speculation that Indo Chinese Green Peafowl were brought into Australia many years ago.

It is our belief that both Javanese (Muticus-Muticus) & Indo Chinese (Muticus-Imperator) were imported into Australia as Green Peafowl because they are similar in appearance, very few would have identified the differences at that time.

We have spent the last several years studying and selectively breeding our Green Peafowl pairing Java to Java and Indo to Indo, with excellent results satisfying any doubt. Combine our breeding results with the assistance of other breeders from the U.S.A who keep both species and we are now completely satisfied with the results and now accept we have both Species.

We made the decision many years ago not to advertise or publicly acknowledge the Indo Chinese unlit we were certain that in fact we do have this species.  


Photos on our Web Site.


NO stock will be available for some time as we are continuing to increase our breeding stocks.