Catching-up & Moving Peafowl
This is a guide only & by no means a recommendation to use these methods.
Catching-up your Peafowl:

When the need arises to catch-up one or more Peafowl, what is the best way? Like many things in life there a few opinions on this topic from all over the world.
We feel there are two options for safely catching-up your peafowl.
Option one for Experienced & Novice:
What to use:

We have derived a “Hessian Bag Net” this is approx 700mm round with a handle, (see fig1) similar to a general bird hand net.
You can make this from scratch or you can modify a commercial fishing net, as we did by removing the pre existing netting and replacing it with a Hessian Bag. To do this fold over the metal rim approx 4 cm of the Hessian bag and sew using strong fishing line.
How to catch them:

Only fools rush in? Plan how you’re going to catch them quickly & quietly, pick a section of your pen/cage and quietly move the bird or birds into this area then pick your target, move in “Gotcha”
How to Move them:

once you have your Peafowl in the net, Quickly & Quietly gather up the bag at the ring end,  then wrap the excess bag around the Peafowl’s body, usually the Peafowl will put up little or no resistance once in the bag net.  


Now you’re ready to relocate them, do this as quickly & quietly as you can with NO delays.
Option two for VERY experienced breeders ONLY: Pick a section of your pen/cage and quietly move the bird or birds into this area, then pick your target, move in, when the bird has its head down, quickly roll the bird to one side a grab both legs and gently push the legs up to the stomach and hold. With your other hand on the wing opposite your body, lift the bird and place it under your arm. You should now have the same arm over the bird (wing) & holding its legs, your other hand should be used to help hold the outer wing.
Option two is ONLY for the most experienced handlers and should not be attempted by the inexperienced without supervision from a person with knowledge of this tectonic. Like option one you must relocate them as quickly & quietly as possible.
The do nots when catching-up Peafowl:
Do not chase the birds for any extended period.
Do not catch birds on very hot days.
Do not try to catch peafowl in mid flight.
Do not try to grab them by the legs in flight.
Do not underestimate the power of Peafowl.
Additional points:

Wear long sleeve shirt
Be very cautious of their Spurs.
Remember Peafowl have good memories, and it will take a few weeks for them to forgive you for the ordeal, so do not make it that memorable
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Article written August 2005