Are Peacocks Noisy?                                                 

The most common question asked, is 'are peacocks noisy' well we tend to answer the same way each time “compared to what?  Barking dogs, a screeching cockatoo, motor bikes, screaming kids, loud music, ect… The fact is for the most part of the year Peafowl are less likely to make noise than your dog or your pet parrot or cockatoo. It is only within the breeding season that the Peacock will sound the delightful courtship call or cry How often he does this will vary from bird to bird, the species (i.e. Indian Blue – Java Green)  and the amount of noise around them, particularly sudden load domestic noises. They will begin to come into voice from August – September & Brake voice December – January (coinciding with loss of Train) this will depend on the season, location, age of the birds & number of Peahens. It should be noted that Peahens are also more vocal within this period although not with the same volume or notes but can insight the Peacock to call. If your neighbours have issues with the call, there are ways to limit the impact, one of these is to make them roost in the shelter area of a pen & not up a tree were they can be heard for km’s. Another way is to build your pen/shelter to face your house, that is the open end of the shelter facing directly at the house, that way the noise is not directed at your neighbours. In some extreme circumstances you can use fully enclosed shelters, with a door, therefore locking them in at night, but this is not the best option and will depend on the birds and the size of the shelter. For those who are considering keeping Peafowl, but are concerned about the noise, we can confidently say that a large breed cockerel (rooster) will let you know its there far more often than a Peacock!  We do not recommend Peafowl in small suburban areas (domestic blocks) as the chances of complaints from neighbours (even those 1-2kms away) is significantly increased, but of course this will depend on your neighbours. Your first priority should be to check with our local Council as to their regulations and or restrictions (If any) on the keeping of "Peacocks". In many cases this information is available on their Web Site, it will pay you to know your "zoning" as this is the normal factor used by local councils to determine which zone can or cannot keep a wide variety of animals. Secondly it would benefit you to ask your neighbours before you purchase the birds, including those not so close (several streets in every direction) if they may have any issues with you keeping peacocks, this may save you a lot of grief in the long run.

Foot Note: Green Peafowl are far lesser vocal species, in fact will call up to 70% less than the Indian Blue species.

This article is a guide only, please check with your local or state authority.